What is Ultimate Civilian

Ultimate Civilian is smart-phone application, which has been implemented with personal safety at the forefront of its development.   The core feature of the application enables you to ‘track and locate’ your loved ones ensuring that they are easy to locate in the event of danger or distress.

Once you have downloaded the application and registered as a user you simply add the telephone number and email address of your ‘tracked civilian(s)’, who will then confirm that you are permitted to do so. You’re then good to go!

You can alter the intervals that the system tracks based on distance moved or time elapsed, this will help you preserve battery power.

In the event that your civilian contact finds themselves in a situation of panic or distress the ‘alert’ feature enables the user to notify you of their situation in real time. The emergency contact will receive a push notification direct to their smart-phone notifying them of the alert so that they are able to determine the location of the civilian therefore enabling them to take any direct appropriate action, and if required notify the emergency services.

When you activate the alert you will see the message that is to be sent, you can tap on that message and change it by typing your own message.

Other key features include:
Geo-based service finder – Whether you’re looking for your nearest police station, hospital or a tow truck company, Ultimate Civilian will provide you with the address and contact details for the service required based on your on your geographical location.
Torch function – If you’re in need of light or even a form of distress signal there’s no need for you to fumble between applications as Ultimate Civilian carries an integrated torch function for your convenience.
Siren/Panic alarm – Also integrated into the application is a panic alarm. Once activated this feature will give out a high-pitched siren alerting passers-by to your need for assistance.
Disaster readiness – we all think that it won’t happen to us but it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Ultimate Civilian not only gives you a strategy for your emergency evacuation plan but also a tool which stores your ‘check list’ for all of those important items that you’ll need to include in your disaster pack.
First aid guide – The first aid guide gives you some basic tips on how to recognise and assist a casualty in need, so whether you experience someone suffering from a suspected heart attack to minor cuts or burns Ultimate Civilian provides you with some first aid advice for you to refer to until professional help arrives.
Survival guide – This feature ranges from giving basic travel preparation tips, to methods of sourcing water, finding shelter and using international distress signals.

The Ultimate Civilian team are committed to providing both the resources and technology to support and aid your personal safety; we therefore welcome your feedback here


Each day we’re confronted with unexpected situations and in some cases just don’t have access to the right help at the right time – this can pose as a risk to our personal safety and even our lives.

Wouldn’t you want to be the first to know if your loved ones or even employees needed help or were in some form of panic or distress? Whether it’s your grandparents, partner, kids or lone workers, regardless of your situation, Ultimate Civilian aims to provide a user friendly one stop shop personal safety device that’s suitable to all.