Update 1.3 Available 7th January 2013

Ultimate Civilian

An update for Ultimate Civilian has been released which fixes bugs and enhances current tracking.

the app will now show your contacts last known position even if they havent activated the alert, so it will keep a running position every 1 minute.

this was done due to the fact that people have asked to know where their children are even when they havent activated the tracking, especially incase of emergency.

If you do not wish for anyone to know where you are, simply shutdown the app completely, by double cliccking your home button, press and hold on Ultimate Civilian in the bottom bar and click the X to close it.

It is advisable to always have the app ruinning even in the background to keep the position updated.

we have altered the way the app updates the positions, to enhance battery life.

without tracking and just current position, battery life should be up to 10-14 hrs.

with tracking enabled and in background, battery life should be around 6-10 hrs.

This should allow for your childs phone to always have Ultimate Civilian running, without tracking on for peace of mind to know where they are.