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10 Top Tips for Outback Survival



1. Plan your trip

As temping as it might be to take trip into unknown territory, the most critical part of your trip is in the planning – it could save you a whole heap of trouble, even your life.


2. Make sure tha....

Basic Preperation



Basic preparation is just that - in addition to utilising Ultimate Civilian, you should always put fore thought into your home, children and motor vehicles. A basic survival kit for a vehicle that can be stored under the seat for urban use should include:



Caught in a Rip


Rip currents are long, narrow bands of water that can pull any objects caught in them away from shore and out to sea. Rip currents are dangerous and sometimes difficult to identify. Many of us wouldn’t realise that we’re caught in a rip until we’ve found ourselves moving....

Escaping a sinking vehicle


Here's the scenario - you've  become stuck in torrential rain; a swollen river crosses the road or storm runoff causes your vehicle to stall in the water.

First and foremost try not to panic and retain your composure. Every family should touch on a quick and simple drill 3 times a ye....

finding direction - without compass




In just about every place on earth the sun rises in the east, we keep mentioning the word composure, this is why it is important to have a clear head and think rationally very rough and ready way to get a bearing on which way you should set if you are lost in the bus....

finding shelter