Active Tracking & Location Storage

Active Tracking and Location storage is one of the main features of The Ultimate Civilian Application.

This function enables the user to be "Tracked or Located" at any stage during their journey, whether it be a planned or unplanned journey.

There are several instances that this feature may be useful to the user. These may be, when on a fishing ** or camping expedition**. Or possibly in the event of a kidnapping or child abduction. Whatever your use the application will notify your emergency contact and give the user their best chance of being found.

Panic Mode is activated when a user feels that they are in danger. Once activated all the emergency contacts are alerted and the system starts to plot all positions based on movement and speed

Tracking Mode Whether you are nipping up to the shops or your daughter / son is at a party, this mode will quietly track in the background plotting all points of movement, these plots will be kept for up to 1 month, there will be a subscription based service coming soon that will allow you to keep plots for a longer period.

Constant Tracking This can be enabled in the settings and will constantly track all positions and does not require the user to enable or disable the tracking for plotting.

If you require any other functionality or have any ideas for us to make it even better, please contact us and we will endeavour to add them in future upgrades.


** Subject to Mobile phone and tower signal coverage